October 15, 2008

memory lane

Nothing in this world can take away that feeling. No matter how much fun you have, no matter how the amounts of people that still till this day love you can take away the feeling you feel for *.

At times I don't want to try and forget because it makes up me, and I like reminiscing about those times for my own good. But doing that am I hurting another? Am I being selfish and only doing myself a favor? Am I taking both sides into consideration? Should I.. ? It hurts to the point where deep inside, I engrave a whole which I can not fix.

You'll be smiling and dazing at things that you have no control over. Dazed out, staring in midair reminiscing wondering how things were.

I kind of know I'm hurting myself intentionally, but it feels good. Pain is pleasure, the joy that kills what else is there. Quotes speak to me, it speaks my mind.