December 31, 2011

Happy New Years

Happy New Years Eve guys 
( Happy New Years to where it's already a new year aha) 

I know I haven't updated this much woops! But I thought I'd take this chance to blog about the things I've learned in the year 2011.

October 7, 2011


I think charlotte russe has become one of the stores I always end up visiting no matter if I need something or don't. Yesterday I went out purchased a few things from Charlotte and one lipstick from MAC. I seriously needed a great nude color in my collection however, at the last minute I was debating between Russain Red and Honey Love.. total opposites right? No worries lol I'm gonna go pick up Russian Red soon enough, it's such a perfect warm red!

Also earlier this week I won a giveaway Laura was having on her blog! Please do check her out, she does amazing review and FOTD. I received an Anastasia Brow Kit <3 So excited!  Here's her link

2 Scarves from Charlotte and 1 Gold Bracelet along with a pair of Sunglasses  

September 15, 2011

Eye candy's at the moment

I've been contemplating about what I should write about on my blog for my next post, its been almost a week and I haven't updated you guys, I'm sorry ): I've been busy with school and trying my best to get into the school spirit (& I finally have! Wohooo) LOL - I love school supplies.. sigh when I was a kid my favorite isle in the store would be the....STATIONARY SECTION. lol

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you guys what I've been eyeing in stores recently, things I want and will get in the near future once I start working !

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $820.00           
I'm sure we all have our guilty pleasures, well here's mine lol - I'd love to own this one day ..with my OWN money that is, wouldn't want it as a gift, I don't think I'd treasure it as much.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV - $64.00

September 9, 2011

Small Haul: Accessories from Charlotte Russe

Its time to accessorize ! Today after watching Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana (which is a great movie! ) I stopped by the mall nearby to find a good "Statement" type necklace.. and luckily Charlotte Russe had a few.

I really like Charlotte compared to Forever 21 only because their prices are more affordable, especially their accessories. I stopped at Forever 21 first and they have a great selection of pretty sprarkley glittery rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets however I wanted to see if I can find anything similar in Charlotte, and I did.
  • They're having a sale, 3 (rings, bracelets, earrings) for 10$ and each and EVERY necklace is on sale for....5$

September 6, 2011

Easy tips on how to help make up lasting all day

I know it's late to do a post about this ( summer is coming to an end and that is when most of us want our foundation/makeup lasting all day ) But recently I bought myself a NARS SHEER GLOW foundation (it isn't suppose to be long lasting) and I usually purchase something that lasts long like Revlon ColorStay or MAC pro longwear. But since I purchased something that isn't made for the longevity of a product, I thought I'd share my tips on how I go about the day without my make up budging. & yes this goes for make up and not only foundation.

Starting with face, make sure to moisturize, I don't know how much I can put this forward but it is necessary when applying make up or anything on the face to moisturize, especially if you have dry skin.

September 1, 2011

Wanna go nude?

Hey guys! Have you ever felt that the nude lipstick you picked up just seems to make you look dead? Or it just doesn't seem to work for you? Well I have a few tips that I myself found to work for me.

Firstly, don't confuse nude lips to making it seem like you have none at all, just allow it to brighten up your face or town down any eye look that you have going on. Such as when wearing heavy smokey eyes, (Kim Kardashian) she always plays it out with a nude lip or a hint of pinks, why? You want the main focus to be on your eyes, not your lips. When wearing any type of look or going for any you want to make sure THATS your main focus not everything else, then it'll look.. complicated-chaotic (I know in  a face? LOL)
Here are some tips I found on BellaSugar.

August 24, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Prestige Lipsticks

Hey guys! I have another review I want to share with you. This product I feel doesn't receive the full attention it deserves. It can be compared with a lot different brands however this price wise is perfect.

We've all heard of prestige's great liquid eyeliners, but has anyone ever seen their lipsticks? If you're like me and love matte shades in eye shadows, blushes to lipsticks I say check out prestige. They have a few color selections in their lipstick ile and majority of them are mattes. This brand however cannot be found everywhere, you can surely find them at ULTA but when it comes down to drugstores, only some carry them. I've seen this brand in Rite Aid, and that's as far as I remember, sorry.

August 14, 2011

Hey guys ! I have another giveaway to tell you guys about ! This is being hosted by Rai and I'm sure many of you guys know about her already ! She does great hauls and reviews via blog and youtube. She's being sponsored by Sigma to give away their Synthetic Face Kit. The kit includes 3 face brushes the F82, F84 and the famous Flat top kabuki (which I love) F80.

Another great thing about this giveaway is that it's open INTERNATIONALLY !

The rules for this giveaway are

RULES TO ENTER: 1. Must be a follower of Glam Morena (via Google Friend Connect).
2. Must include your Google Friend Connect name in your comment.
3. Must leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite makeup brush is and why.
4. Must include an email in your comment.

The link to her post on this giveaway !

August 8, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mac Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage SPF 50

Hey guys ! This post is going be a review on the Mac Prep+Prime Skin Base Visage SPF 50. <- That's a mouth full lol.

This product is essential to oily/combination skin but definitely can be used on any skin types. It helps your make up stay on for hours (just as the All Nighter Spray from UD).

1) Primes the skin
2) Protects the face from UVA/UVB sun rays with a SPF of 50
3) Moisturizes the skin

On the MAC website, it's stated that "A skin-protecting cream with SPF 50. Applies under makeup to prime the skin for the sun. Featherweight, fast-absorbing, oil-free, invisible. Will not affect the look, texture or long-wear integrity of your makeup. Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder, helps prevent oil breakthrough. Provides high-level broad spectrum sun protection. Worn daily helps guard the skin against discolouration, premature aging, dryness and other effects of sun exposure. "

Now for the basic run down
click below to read more

August 2, 2011

Great Giveaway

Hey guys ! So who doesn't love giveaway? Who doesn't love winning prizes?

QT from her blog "Answering the Call of Beauty" is holding a giveaway of products from Wet and Wild. The giveaway consists of 9 Wet and Wild Eyeshadow trio's 3 of their amazing nail polishes and finally 4 of their high quality pigmented lipsticks !

Deff check out her blog!

July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July !

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ! To everyone in the US, I'd like to wish all of you a Happy Independence day! Hope all of you are enjoying this day with your family/friends at a barbeque, park or wherever you're spending this day. I created this look on Saturday Night but didn't have a chance to upload this until a few hours ago (great timing I know!) Anyway, hope you guys like it :) It's pretty wearable, depending on the occasion. 

June 10, 2011

2 Movie tickets for 9$ !

Hey guys ! Do any of you enjoy watching movies? Especially at theaters with family and friends? Well LivingSocial has a deal going on through Fandango! 2 tickets for ONLY 9$

Click the link below, it's 100% legit

June 6, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

Hey guys, here is my first review on a product I've been using non-stop ever since I got it. I bought the UD setting spray during the 15% off sephora was having a while back and I'm glad I bought it. It is a phenomenal product for those of us who want our foundations/make up to last all day.

First off I have combination/oily skin

The product states (directly from the urban decay website): "In an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, we developed this groundbreaking setting spray that keeps your makeup on for 16 unbelievable hours. Legendary enough that it’s already inspired imitations, All Nighter boasts a patent pending Temperature Control Technology that makes this weightless mist so powerful and sets it far above the competition. Your makeup won’t melt when it's warm and humid or become dehydrated when it’s cold and windy. Yes, it actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place. The sprayer, unlike others on the market, delivers a micro-fine mist that distributes product evenly over the skin. "

Don't mistaken this product as another alternative for your Mac Fix + ! I wouldn't recommend spritzing this before you apply your make up though some do. Also you can use this as a mixing medium for your loose pigments and eye shadows.

February 24, 2011

Where's my top coat at?

hmm.. I need to become an avid user of my own blog, these once in a blue moon postings just aren't doing it.

Truth be told, its not like I forget about updating and whatnot, I do remember, I swear ! Lol - it's just being able to have the time and actually sit down and type shit up. Main reason why I finally found time? I ran out of my top coat of seche vite and I have to wait patiently as my nails dry... & I'm sure many of the girls.. and guys? out there know how that feels. Boo! I need to buy some asap. Usually in the middle as I type.. I tell myself "damn i seriously need a life" aha. - Either way, I do like updating this thing whether anyone reads it or not.

Random thought, I dont understand why people falsify honest facts about their lives, oh wait those two words are exact opposite aha, oh well. Well actually I do know why they do it, expect it just erks me when they lie through their teeth trying to make themselves look WAY better than they are. I mean... Thank god for Karma right? Lets just hope while I'm here blabbing about something I cannot control and karma is on it's way to work its magic :-)

I think I'm done for now.. editing/updating this shit... nails are pretty dry enough to go on about my day, bye <33.