June 6, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Urban Decay All Nighter Spray

Hey guys, here is my first review on a product I've been using non-stop ever since I got it. I bought the UD setting spray during the 15% off sephora was having a while back and I'm glad I bought it. It is a phenomenal product for those of us who want our foundations/make up to last all day.

First off I have combination/oily skin

The product states (directly from the urban decay website): "In an exclusive partnership with SKINDINÄVIA, we developed this groundbreaking setting spray that keeps your makeup on for 16 unbelievable hours. Legendary enough that it’s already inspired imitations, All Nighter boasts a patent pending Temperature Control Technology that makes this weightless mist so powerful and sets it far above the competition. Your makeup won’t melt when it's warm and humid or become dehydrated when it’s cold and windy. Yes, it actually lowers the temperature of your makeup to hold foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place. The sprayer, unlike others on the market, delivers a micro-fine mist that distributes product evenly over the skin. "

Don't mistaken this product as another alternative for your Mac Fix + ! I wouldn't recommend spritzing this before you apply your make up though some do. Also you can use this as a mixing medium for your loose pigments and eye shadows.

Cost: 4/5 - This spray is $29.00 USD Dollars (4 oz). At first I didn't wanna splurge that much on a spray and not knowing if it actually works. It comes in a travel size (.34 oz) @ $11.00 USD, now that's expensive ! But seriously now that I've bought it, it's worth it !

Packaging: 2/5 - The label looks fake? I know that sounds weird but when you see it, you'll understand. Its as if it was printed out on a regular label we can buy at drugstores lol. The nozzle is pretty "cheap" being that it costs nearly $30.00. Its a regular hair spray nozzle (not an aresole can).

Application: 5/5 - It's easy to apply, just spritz about 3-4 pumps all over the face and wait till it absorbs through. I think I read this at sephora but it says to apply in either a T motion or a diagonal across the face, T because I'm assuming to cover our T zone area prone to oiliness. It absorbs within a minute or two, usually I apply my MAC MSF after.

Personally my way of application which helps is by applying my foundation and concealer first and spritzing about 3 pumps, then doing my eye/blush make up and spritzing another 3 pumps. I think you have to layer this product about twice to see results.

Overall: 5/5 - I love this product and can swear by it! Especially because summer is here and we're all worried about our makeup melting off, this is a life savor. My makeup and I are ONE from the starting of my day till the end!

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Argh i really want to try this!!! Great review x