February 24, 2011

Where's my top coat at?

hmm.. I need to become an avid user of my own blog, these once in a blue moon postings just aren't doing it.

Truth be told, its not like I forget about updating and whatnot, I do remember, I swear ! Lol - it's just being able to have the time and actually sit down and type shit up. Main reason why I finally found time? I ran out of my top coat of seche vite and I have to wait patiently as my nails dry... & I'm sure many of the girls.. and guys? out there know how that feels. Boo! I need to buy some asap. Usually in the middle as I type.. I tell myself "damn i seriously need a life" aha. - Either way, I do like updating this thing whether anyone reads it or not.

Random thought, I dont understand why people falsify honest facts about their lives, oh wait those two words are exact opposite aha, oh well. Well actually I do know why they do it, expect it just erks me when they lie through their teeth trying to make themselves look WAY better than they are. I mean... Thank god for Karma right? Lets just hope while I'm here blabbing about something I cannot control and karma is on it's way to work its magic :-)

I think I'm done for now.. editing/updating this shit... nails are pretty dry enough to go on about my day, bye <33.