May 17, 2009


[EDIT]I love me some home cooked food. kuddos to the mother <3 yum. Salmon con Shrimp. BAKED

So I guess its been quiet a while since I've been on this thing. Is it okay to think you're bipolar sometimes? Is it okay that its acceptable to you? Hmph... Not saying that I am... but of course I think some of us have those feelings where we feel like something one day, and weeks and/or months later we feel completely opposite? Wonder if that's the cycle of life, it evolves and changes, and at times brings us back to the same place... again.

Its Sunday morning 3:47 AM & I have no sleep in my eyes. Sure as hell my body's tired but not in the mood to go sleep and waste my precious time. Feeling as if there are many things that have been left unsaid and certain things should be coming out real soon for discovery. If I shut down now, then those words will be lost in the mist of uncertainty and beg to come out again.