July 22, 2008


If the world can walk away from me in a second, why can't I? If I can put up with stupid unnecessary shit and accept flaws, why can't they? Do I lack something or is this world just gay? Lying here always second guessing myself creates much more problems than I ask for. Why can't I just have the straight up answer without the ' if and buts' ? Why put off something that might affect someone other than yourself? At times I hate the fact this world is so SMALL. Absolutely hate it. Issues, past conflicts always follow you around yeah I understand but when will it stop ? Giving up always seems like my first choice out. Stupid stupid world. Just be gone.

July 13, 2008

I've learned to deal with what is, rather than what might be. I've learned not to rely on others because they can easily give up on you. Don't expect me to respect your words, they mean nothing to me unless you show me otherwise. I've learned to get over situations that will follow me my whole life. I've learned to not reveal myself too much so others can take advantage. I've learned to make things work with people no matter their flaws. I've learned to try and give new things a try. I've learned that karma's a bitch what goes around comes around & I am still learning because life, is full of surprises.