August 24, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: Prestige Lipsticks

Hey guys! I have another review I want to share with you. This product I feel doesn't receive the full attention it deserves. It can be compared with a lot different brands however this price wise is perfect.

We've all heard of prestige's great liquid eyeliners, but has anyone ever seen their lipsticks? If you're like me and love matte shades in eye shadows, blushes to lipsticks I say check out prestige. They have a few color selections in their lipstick ile and majority of them are mattes. This brand however cannot be found everywhere, you can surely find them at ULTA but when it comes down to drugstores, only some carry them. I've seen this brand in Rite Aid, and that's as far as I remember, sorry.

I actually had two from them but.. lost one ): it was the perfect cranberry red color and of course matte. But thankfully I still have my Rayon color.

COST: 5/5 - The lipsticks range anywhere between 4-6$ depending where you purchase them. I bought mine for $3.99 I believe, not quiet sure. Since they have a few color ranges, if you're one of those who is afraid to try out bright colors or even dark and don't want to splurge on brands like MAC and NARS, then surely give these a try.

APPLICATION: 5/5 - The lipsticks are very pigmented, with one swatch of it the color comes out very well. It isn't to dry or extremely creamy where you might have a problem. The great thing about it is that it doesn't dry out your lips unlike others. Its quiet adoring to your lips where you don't need to worry about it drying up and you can see your lips peeling and it isn't to creamy where the longevity doesnt last. The lipsticks are smooth and have a matte finish (depending which one you get)

PACKAGING: 4/5- I actually love the packaging. On the bottom you can see which shade your grabbing if your in a hurry or even in the store trying to find the right color. The shade on the bottom (you can see in the pictures) stay true to its color, not lighter or darker PLUS!! LOL. The packaging also isn't plastic it feels like its metal, its a clean smooth silver which looks sleek. I just wish it was black ): lol.

OVERALL: 5/5 - Again as I stated before, if you don't want to dash out $10+ dollars on one lipstick, try out the drugstore ones, they might surprise you. Also matte shades are really hard to find so since prestige has a lot of them in their collection, check them out. But because their brand is hard to find everywhere, it sucks ): I can't always go buy more because god knows if the store still has the colors in stock!


Y said...

I have never tried Prestige products at all, but I have heard so many good things about them! I just can't find them where I live :/
Thank you for your sweet sweet comment on my blog. I am now your newest follower :) If you like a few of my posts perhaps you could also follow mine sometime? :)

Maryam Maquillage said...

That's a great color, I should snatch it up next time I walk by a Prestige counter, thanks for sharing :))

Nari-Elle said...

Thank you for your lovely comment... great blog :)

devin olivia said...

love the pink color great review

Rai said...

Looks really creamy!

Y said...

Really? A-HA! I knew it! Blogger is sabotaging by blog!! :P Ok, maybe not.
My follow button is on the left side, and it sometimes does that with some of the blogs I visit too. If you refresh the page a couple of times the little sucker should show itself :P

Y said...

Oh lordy lord, this is evolving into a series :P I can't see you in my followers, but never mind girl!!! I'll keep on reading your bloggie, and you'll come up sometimes. Enough is enough Mr.Blogger :P

Dolly Daydream said...

I love this colour! So fresh!

StyleHaul said...

love the colour of these lipsticks
im such a pink lip girl!


The Beautifier said...

Such a pretty shade! I wanna try it out! xoxo