September 6, 2011

Easy tips on how to help make up lasting all day

I know it's late to do a post about this ( summer is coming to an end and that is when most of us want our foundation/makeup lasting all day ) But recently I bought myself a NARS SHEER GLOW foundation (it isn't suppose to be long lasting) and I usually purchase something that lasts long like Revlon ColorStay or MAC pro longwear. But since I purchased something that isn't made for the longevity of a product, I thought I'd share my tips on how I go about the day without my make up budging. & yes this goes for make up and not only foundation.

Starting with face, make sure to moisturize, I don't know how much I can put this forward but it is necessary when applying make up or anything on the face to moisturize, especially if you have dry skin.

  • FOR OILY SKIN: Here's a quick tip, instead of applying moisturizer all over the face, spread it on the edges of your face working inwards so that most of the product goes to your outter area where most of us aren't oily. Therefore less product goes in your T Zone where it tends to be more oily.
  • FOR DRY SKIN: You wanna make sure you moisture heavily in the winter time so that your make up doesn't cake up or flake on. Keep and eye out for products stating "Ultra Moisturizing", "Hydrates" During the summer you wanna switch over to something that isn't as oistuerzing, stay away from titles listed above. (=
Primer is key when wanting your make up to last all day. When choosing a primer go with one that carries SPF so in the summer you don't have to worry about adding another product. MAC carry's one which is my fav since it has an SPF of 50 ! Other brands carry primers as well it all depends which you are comfortable using because one brand might work for me while the other doesnt. Think of a primer as a base coat on your polish, it smoothes the nails and adds a layer where nail polish can easily glide on too. Same goes for a primer on the face.

Foundation,  now if you really want yours to stay on the whole day check for products that say their long lasting or long wearing. Some of the ones I know of are, Revlon Colorstay, MAC Pro Longwear and recently Smashbox has one out as well  in their studio line. With those you can skip a few steps and not worry too much, however with the ones that aren't long wearing follow the steps I say here.

Blush/Bronzer is essential when you're going out or wanna contour your face/highlight it. If you realize your powder blush/bronzer isn't lasting throughout the day try applying a creame blush underneath, layer it so if one budges, there's another layer underneath. Also it will allow the powder blush to stick onto something.

Eyes: Prime your eyelids before applying any eyeshadow on, the reason for this is because we don't want our eye shadows falling down and creasing on our eyelids. Primers will allow your shadow to stick on and not allow it to crease. Creasing creates a messy outcome, without a primer the eyeshadow might look good but as hours pass, it wont. Also primers allow the color to be more vibrant.

Lips: If you have dark lips and want the true color of your lipstick to show up, conceal your lips with a concealer so that you have a blank canvas to work with. Hydrate your lips the night before applying a lipstick color that is dark because if you moisturize 5-10 minutes before, the lipstick will have more of a chance to bleed through or slip off because of the moisty canvas. Also moisturizing your lips gets rid of chapped lips (Now who wants that!) There are a few brands that carry long wearing lipsticks such as MAC and L'Oreal, also I think Revlon has some to.

If you're not a fan of lipsticks, try LIP STAINS there perfect for the younger crowd ( and older! ) because there like a marker, they don't go away easily and more bullet proof I guess you can say. Cover Girl has a line and maybe Maybeline as well.

Ending the full face there are 3 easy steps you should note down to help your make up lasting all day. Moisturize, Prime, and Mist. I feel as long as you have a great primer and misting spray at the end, it shouldn't be hard to have your make up lasting all day or at least more than 8 hours.  One make up setting spray I swear by is  the Urban Decay Setting Spray and a cheaper alternative is the Elf Make Up Mist which is 3$ at Target or at their website.


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| C AND C | Sarmin said...

These were great tips.
I need to get a primer, asap.

Laiqah said...

Awesome tips!
Especially since Summer has yet to start in South Africa :)

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love ur tips n blog...really good!thanks for sharing dear!