August 22, 2010

RANDOM yet again

It's raining so damn hard that I can't even hear myself talk.. (I'm currently outside on my porch watching some hindi movie -_-) I had plans for today, to head out to queens to see my girl& get some shopping done but as always things never turn out the way the seem to be. Plans are always unsuccessful ah. It hasn't rained like this in weeks, the continuous and unstoppable rain fall.. it's been like this for over an hour.. hmm wonder how long it'll last.

Rain.. please don't come tomorrow.. I mean yes you are invited from what I see on the weather channel however, you're UNWANTED.

The days are going by to slowly... my girl left to the Army :/ gaah. Don't know if any of you have experienced this but... ever had your best friend leave you for a long period of time? It feels shitty knowing the person you would tell everything too, share secrets, text every 5 minutes about WHAT JUST HAPPENED has left.. or isn't coming back anytime soon. It's so weird to think back when this chic and I first met, I wouldn't have expected us to be this close at all. Most girls in my presence are extremely stuck up or just not the type I'd get along with [i have so many] but Maria (my bff) is different, and I'm glad she is.

There's this baby doll staring dead at me.. so scary (its the neighbors) they step on it's face cause it's funny. It looks so funny and scary ahhh

I think that's enough rambling for tonight. gooooooooooooooodnight. and thankfully the rain has stopped a little. just drizzles.

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Henar said...

Aww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥