October 11, 2009


A new experience for everyone who has entered this Fall. Very different than High School, you don't need no damn persons permission to use the bathroom or even take a phone call. AHH HILLCREST where cellphones weren't allowed >.< damn idiots. Now i'm saving some MONE-AYYYYYYY! before i had to spend 2$ a day to put in my cell phone, and my zune in the nearest store so they could hold it for till i got out of school, so did 89327497324 other students. The sad part was.. through out half of the year my cell was waaaaaaaaaack. I switched over to a pearl which i initially had but wrecked the screen horribly purposely x; yes I know who would do suchathing? MEEEEEEEE =D

The professors are alright.. Actually all of them are minus one. My English teacher's horrible ahh i have so much against him its re-dick-u-lous. smh. The fella always fosuses on how he isn't like high school teachers, he doesn't help students who need help. He talks while he wants us to WRITE, how obnoxious? Imagine concentraiting on a sentence & out of no where dumbitchass comes out saying "If you do not know what your suppose to do, i suggest u ask your partner or leave this class" I mean god damn we're already 5 min into the assignment no need to say something like that. He fouscues on how we don't do this & that how we should do this & that but in reality I wonder what he's hiding from all of us. I mean when a person is always pin pointing others, it makes you think... Whats the real issue, because after explainin yourself for 329048943 days, dontchu think WE GET IT?! jeez.

My Classes are good too, besides my Mondays& Thursdays, they suck. Mondays I have class from 3-9PM & Thursday I have a 6 hour break which I spend home.. but who has the strength to go all the way back from 1 class? ;/ My business class is 3 hours and.. well I HATE IT. I didn't ask for it, but there wasn't anything left ;| I don't have any interest in that area, and by the look of it I don't think I'll even understand it. OH & the book costs 125$ D= boo hoo ! I could do so much with that LOL. I wonder if I could go to the library to do the assignments.. wonder how that'd work out.

I think that's enough for now... its almost 6AM I just morethanhalf completed 1/3 essays, all are due on Tuesday each 3 page long.. Do i got it in me? GOD I HOPE SO =/ wish me LUCK <3

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