December 13, 2009


As much as I want to finish my final essay for my modern mind class, I'm way too busy drifting off in other thoughts -_- which I'm hating. I just hate when I have to do a paper on a subject i'm totally clueless on, I wanna BS my ass through it, but it ain't workin :/

[Men and Women]: I personally think that its easier for men to cheat or have an affair or even flirt with other women. Reason being, some women are.. just easy to get especially the younger ones -_-! Guys usually are more OUT there than women, they are capable to flirt and talk their way out of many situations. Also, if their spouse is concerned and curious a little too much, he might think she's being too controlling and he's under a leash o.0. Women are known to be suspicious of their man because let's face it, we're a little more emotional when it comes down to romance or love between any two people. Trust is a factor that is usually given into a relationship in the beginning but slowly lost at times through out one and EXTREMELY HARD to be gained. It sucks when a relationship is running on a thing string without any trust. /: VATEVEAH.

Einstein, what an amazing fella' hella' sarcastic lolol.

Let's see if I'm able to get back to my paper.. which is do Tuesday and I jus started. Salute me so I can be done ASAP :/ I wanna be a free wo[men].

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