September 15, 2011

Eye candy's at the moment

I've been contemplating about what I should write about on my blog for my next post, its been almost a week and I haven't updated you guys, I'm sorry ): I've been busy with school and trying my best to get into the school spirit (& I finally have! Wohooo) LOL - I love school supplies.. sigh when I was a kid my favorite isle in the store would be the....STATIONARY SECTION. lol

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you guys what I've been eyeing in stores recently, things I want and will get in the near future once I start working !

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $820.00           
I'm sure we all have our guilty pleasures, well here's mine lol - I'd love to own this one day ..with my OWN money that is, wouldn't want it as a gift, I don't think I'd treasure it as much.

Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV - $64.00
iPhone 4 ! 
Mac Book Pro -$ 1,599
I love my HP DV6 but, I've had multiple things go wrong with it, like the charger broke, the battery is dying (it's been only 1 year) and some how my RAM is halfway full -__-

Now on to the make up and beauty related stuff ! (:
Michael Kors Baguette-Bezel Watch - $295.00

 But another less expensive alternative I'd rather have is this
From Natalie's blog click here
Natalie was on a hunt for a Rose Gold watch that was more affordable, and ran into this watch for less than... $20.00 !
NARS Taj Mahal - $26.00 

Pleated back Peep Toe Pump - $35.00

I havent gone school shopping as of yet - I need clothes ugh ! I want blazer oh man I want blazers ahh!

That's it for now guys, let me know what you guys have your eyes on ! -



t said...

Nice stuff!

PolaBerry said...

thats a nice purse! I need a new bag asap & I want the new UD palette but I think I have to many of them already :[

Soft, Sweet and Gentle said...

hi nice post and i like your blog too, following you and do chk out mine 2,

Anonymous said...

I really want to get the urban decay book of shadows, I love the idea of connecting it to your iphone!


Maryam Maquillage said...

I've been meaning to get Taj Mahal--it's soooo sexxxxyyyy!!!

secretfashionlove said...

Love the LV BAg !
Love S.

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HeartDollie♥ said...

Nice Post, Love this, & I am totally obsessed with getting that LV Purse, I want it SO BAD lol! <3

<3 Dollie.

Kinga said...

Love it! :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Louis V, drools!


StaceyKo said...

preat stuff! I also have my eye on LV!
btw like ur blog! would you like to check out mine? ..and we can follow each other